The way of thinking of the personal information

Personal information is information about the individual and says a full name, an address, e-mail address, taste information, other descriptions to be included in the information or a number and a sign, other marks (including the thing which we cannot distinguish it only by this information, but we can collate it with other information easily, and can distinguish an authorized individual by it) given according to an individual.

About collection and the using of the personal information
The collection of personal information determines a collection purpose within the inquiry definitely and we perform it depending on the limit that is necessary for the objective achievement and use it. In addition, we shall perform the collection of this personal information by legitimate fair.

About the disclosure of the personal information
Without the agreement of the person himself,  we disclose the personal information of the user any place other than the cooperation company which concluded us and a secret maintenance contract as a general rule.
※ But there is a case to disclose personal information when I am as follows.
*  When we judged that a user gives a disadvantage to the third person, we can notify the third person and police concerned or associated many engines of the access records such as the offer information from a user, a registration profile, a used IP address. In addition, there is the thing that I disclose it we accept this and can disclose information when it was demanded the offer information from a user and ID registration contents, the disclosure about the registration profile by an engine having the authority that followed court of law, Public Prosecutor's Office, police, lawyer's association, consumer center or these or for the purpose of protecting our right and property.

*  When they explain our service to a company, an advertiser, the other third person who can become the cooperation company, We'll disclose the statistics information of the user for a purpose of the other legality again.

About the manager of the personal information
The manager of the personal information is the cooperation company which concluded us and a secret maintenance contract. The management representative specifies a manager in a rule to establish separately.