We support Japanese(also other foreign  country's) company, university and non profit organization, with TYPO3 which have well known in Europe.

It is much higher-performance in comparison with conventional open source in CMS.
And an equal or more than level in comparison with high priced commercial CMS website.

There are more few results of TYPO3 in Japan, but we support the web administration of your company by abundant experience.


Using high-performance "TYPO3", We able to offer you low-priced CMS.
Enormous thing for both the cost and the production period so far when built a homepage in CMS.

But, we set for rental server or a homepage design beforehand, establish a CMS homepage belonging to only for each month fixed amount by using it.


We'll fix a homepage for 38,800 yen using the template which a professional designer made.

we'll recommend, for a person who has homepage for the first time. It is goon thing  to have  for inflect homepage as a substitute for the business card too.

In addition, supporting the required infrastructure to show homepages such as a rental server or a domain name.